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See you in France!

30 Dezember 2021 Community
Gesehen 365 Mal

This year, we invite you to meet in France! Discover the profiles and the inspiring careers of eight of our alumni: they found their way thanks to their studies in France, and are the ambassadors of our new communication campaign.

See you in France!


In the wake of the campaigns deployed since 2019, Campus France launched a new communication campaign focused on the invitation “Rendez-vous en France !” (See you in France).

 The campaign both illustrates the return to the life “à la française”, and the concept that the experience of studies in France is a life-changing experience in the career of everyone. 

After two tough years for international students, we want to send them a warm welcome message.


The campaign focuses on 3 objectives:

  • Academic excellence, including through the rankings of French institutions
  • Training courses in English
  • Vaccination for all international students





The campaign gives the floor to eight international alumni who lived a life-changing experience by deciding to study in France. Hailing from all regions of the world, they each stand today as a testament to the excellence and diversity of French higher education through their respective journeys, and the opportunities they open.

Every two weeks, starting on 25 November 2021, Campus France offers you to discover the portrait of an alumni and his/her experience in France.






Valentina (Argentina)

Winner of the Eiffel scholarship, Valentina is responsible for the international development of a French engineering schools.


Luis (Colombia)


After engineering studies in Metz, Luis became an quality expert in the pharmaceutical industry.



André (Kazakhstan)

Founder of the Kazakh cinema festival in France, André is also a consultant specialist in IT.


North Africa/Middle East


Sandrine (Egypt)

After passing a Master’s degree in international affairs, Sandrine became a corporate lawyer.




Lucas (Kenya)


Lucas is passionate about cultural bridges between Kenya and France, and he’s currently a Doctorate in archaeology and history of art.


Tchailga (Ivory Coast)

After passing a Master’s degree in economy of development and humanitarian action, Tchailga is now working in preventative healthcare.

Asia - Oceania


Alyssa (Australia)

After an academic exchange in France, Alyssa now develops the international communication of a Parisian university.


Sothearath (Cambodia)

This young doctor in economy focuses his research work on cryptocurrency.


Each portrait helps you know more about their studies, the scholarships they had, and degrees they passed, their professional career and their everyday life in France.


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