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International Photography Competition 2015

Groupe "Australia"

International Photography Competition 2015: “Climate: state of emergency”


The Fondation Alliance Française in Paris is launching a new photography competition on the theme: “Climate: state of emergency”.

Candidates are asked to submit photographs illustrating issues relating to climate and its real or perceived evolutions, as well as the induced effects on people’s lives. Their works may also depict public or private solutions that are implemented or conceived in their countries to fight the negative aspects of such evolutions.


First prize: The winner of the “First Prize” will be awarded a one-week trip to Paris to promote their work, in addition to other rewards mentioned below.

Second prize: A collective exhibition in a Parisian art gallery and/or at the gallery of the Fondation Alliance Française will present a selection of the winner and finalists’ artworks. The successful photographs will be published in media outlets specialised in art and photography.


The competition is free and open to all non-professional and semi-professional photographers aged 18 and above.
Participants will need to submit two digital files formatted to TIFF (.tiff) or JPEG (.jpeg) with a resolution of 300 DPI (at least 30x40cm in 3000dpi - 3543x4724 pixels). The pictures should be original and exclusive (no reproduction allowed).
The following information should also be attached to the two photographs submitted by each participant:

  • Details of the camera used
  • Aperture setting
  • Shutter speed
  • If film is used, details of the film (brand, ISO number)

The competition will take place at three levels:

  • Locally: each Alliance Française wishing to participate will forward an application form to the Fondation. The participating Alliance Française agrees to do a pre-selection of photos and to set up its own local jury for this occasion. The participating Alliance Française will then send the name of its laureate with the two photos to the Fondation.
  • Worldwide: the Fondation Alliance Française will select 40 works via its jury for a group exhibition.
  • Final Selection: the final prize-winner will be selected by the jury of the Fondation Alliance Française, composed of photography and culture professionals.

Closing date:

May 15, 2015, at which point the first stage will be over.


How to enter the competition:

1- Prior to submitting your entry, please read the Rules & Regulations (see attached document).
2- Fill out the Entry Form that needs to be forwarded with both photos (contact your local Alliance Française to obtain the form).
3- Submit your Entry Form & two photos to your local Alliance Française with the subject line: ‘Climate: state of emergency’

From Sunday 1st February 2015
to Friday 15th May 2015


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From Sunday 1st February 2015
to Friday 15th May 2015
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