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Alliance Ethio-Française de Dire Daoua

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Alliance éthio-française de Dire Daoua
Rue de France - PO BOX 69
Dire Dawa - Ethiopie


Language schools


Khelifi Nesrine
Directrice adjointe


Alliance éthio-française of Dire Dawa is the second Alliance française founded in Ethiopia. It opened in 1908 as a French school. In 1999, the school was turned into a cultural center and a French language school. Today, Alliance éthio-française of Dire Dawa is seen as the major hub of the city, giving French classes and also organizing many cultural events such as music and dance performances, art exhibitions and movie screening among others. It is also famous for its well kept French Day Care Center called Le Petit Monde, introducing French to 200 children.

Alliance éthio-française of Dire Dawa is the most popular French language school in town.
Each session lasts 40 hours and you may join a group according to your level, from complete beginner to superior levels.

In Dire Dawa, Alliance éthio-française is definitely the place to be! Whether you like art, music, dance, cinema, you will always be happy with the free cultural activities we organize all year round. Join us, have a drink in our cozy yard and enjoy the beauty of creativity and artistic expression.

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Our media library is equipped with a collection of over 2,000 documents in French: books, novels, comics, movies, music, children's books, newpapers and magazines. A brand new French learning multimedia space is now open, giving access to a digital platform and learning resources adapted to the students' level of French.

Everyone is more than welcome to visit this dynamic cultural center in Dire Dawa. Come and have a chat, learn French with an experienced team of French and Ethiopian teachers, read books at the multimedia library, improve your French at the brand new French Learning Multimedia Space, watch a French or Francophone movie, enjoy the excitement of a soccer game with friends or join one of the numerous free cultural activities the team offers.