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Testimonial : Eman AL MALKI

                                                                       Eman AL MALKI - France - 2019

ALUMNI from Qatar

Eman AL-MALKI : « The value I gained from my university experience extends far beyond what my studies have taught me»

Eman AL-MALKI is a young qatari woman, who studied in France for 3 years. She kindly accepted to share her experience as an alumni, and to answer our questions.



Why did you choose to study in France ?

 Having been in the French education system my entire life, and graduating from high school with a French baccalaureate in Literature, it was rather logical for me to continue my university studies in the same system

What major did you choose to study  in France ?

I studied in the city of Lyon, at the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, where I got a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English-Arabic) with a minor in business and law.

What is you current job ?

I currently work as the media coordinator for the communication and media office at the Amiri Diwan (seat of rule of the State of Qatar) in Doha.

Could you tell us about your experience in France ?

What struck me most was the rather brutal life transition from school to university. You get thrown into adult life all of a sudden, and then you are forced to take on duties and responsibilities, and to be completely dependent on yourself  in a foreign country. It’s difficult to adapt at the beginning, but as you progress you start appreciating the freedom that comes with this new found  independence. I truly believe that the value I gained from my university years extends far beyond what my studies have taught me, in terms of personal development.

What advice would you give to a young person wishing to study in France?

Life outside the university campus is also important, so choose a destination according to your taste. I strongly advise to choose a pleasant city that is not too dynamic to avoid adding to the stress you will likely already be experiencing. And finally, it is important to keep in mind that France and Qatar are two very different worlds, life in Qatar is much more mellow and easier than in France.

In conclusion…

Although my years abroad were not easy, I do not regret having studied in France because I realise that it has equipped me with a set of skills and a work ethic that stand out in the workplace, and this is mainly due to my exposure and immersion in a culture that is fundamentally different from the one in Qatar.


June 2020