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Hablemos francés, ¡es fácil!

Parlons français, LogoWork-out your French with "Let's speak French, it's easy!"

French is easy, most of all for alumni who have studied this language. But it is important to maintain your assets. The website "Let's speak French, it's easy!" invites you to improve your French through 4 interactive webdocumentaries.

A website based on a practical and fun learning

Alumni, you speak French fluently, but you need to maintain or improve your skills. Why not work while having fun?
Based on practical situations, the website "Let's speak French, it's easy!" develops an interactive learning. It's fun and encourages you to work on your French in every ways: understanding, talking, writing, etc.

Parlons français, Site webFour interactive Webdocumentaries…

"Let's speak French, it's easy!" is organized around four webdocumentaries that join videos, pictures, texts and sound. Each of them describes the everyday life a French speaker: Nadine is an actress, Nabil is a sound engineer, Paul a young entrepreneur and Andréa a student in a sport school.

... and loads of exercises

Start by testing your language level. Then, choose your browsing mode.

By following one of the characters in his everyday life, you learn various exercises following a narrative logic. Walking in Nadine's step allows you to discover the life of French Canadian studying acting in Paris.

The "workshops" approach allows you to concentrate on exercises adapted to your level. Beginners can learn to introduce themselves. The most experienced can learn to talk like an official character.

The "memos" are remarkable summaries of glossaries, grammar, phonetic or culture.

Last but not least, the "games" are a nice and efficient way to check your knowledge.

Ready to play? Go here.