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AMS System Engineer
Emploi, 上海 Shanghai (Chine )
Publiée le 08/03/2023, modifiée le 18/05/2023
Description de la société

Liebherr was founded in 1949 by Mr. Hans Liebherr and is today a group of more than 130 companies on every continent of the world employing a workforce of around 48,000 people. All over the world, the Liebherr name stands for a technically advanced, benefit-oriented products and services.
Liebherr(China) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise wholly invested by Liebherr Group, founded in July 2000 in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is mainly engaged in the sales of Libeherr products in Chinese Market and provision of high-quality after-sale service, spare parts and product maintenance, etc.
The Company has a wide range of products,especially focusing on hydraulic and wheel excavators, loaders, dozers and mining equipments; crawler and mobile cranes; Gear Machines and engineering and machinery components; aircraft equipments,home appliances. In 2014, the Company specially established a maintenance team for aircraft products and obtained relevant maintenance license.

Description du poste

Role Responsibilities and Tasks:
1) Collect engineering inputs from the headquarter and present technical data to the customers with emails, engineering coordination memos and meetings;
2) Participate in meetings and conference call between the headquarter and customers to ensure a good technical cooperation;
3) Review action lists and projects lists with the customers;
4) Verify satisfaction of customers;
5) Inform the headquarter of progresses and issues of the program;
6) Propose and review equipment's installations in Digital Mock-up with CATIA;
7) Write and review Interfaces Control Documents: mechanical, functional and/or electrical;
8) Write engineering documentation as for example: flight test instrumentations interfaces, systems description document, system test bench procedures;
9) Review and answer questions of the customers on the headquarter's documentation as for example: drawings, equipment and systems qualification documents, systems performances analysis;
10)Calculate thermal performances with Excel and thermal software;
11)Analyze system issues and propose technical solutions to the headquarter;
12)Follow and support software development
13)Support customer test and troubleshooting
14)Participate industrial related forum/exhibition and write visit report
15)Contact potential customers and collect inputs
16)Other tasks to be assigned by superiors.

Profil recherché

1) Bachelor degree or above;
2) Aeronautic or mechanical engineering or thermodynamic engineering;
3) Experience in Aircraft embedded systems design or development for Aircraft is required;
4) Knowledge of the different engineering fields involved in systems development, ability to conduct analyses, and/or critical analyses in the following disciplines:
a) Systems Development, pneumatics, or thermodynamics;
b) Mechanical Design and Integration;
c) System Controls, and Control Specification;
d) Reliability, Maintainability & Safety Engineering;
5) Fluent Chinese and English is a must;
6) Ability to communicate in French would be a great plus;
7) Cross culture knowledge is a plus.

Please attach your CV in English and Chinese when submitting the position.

Date limite de candidature: 18/07/2023

Liebherr (China) Co., Ltd. 
319 North Gao She Road, 201208 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
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