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Universidad del Salvador


Rodríguez Peña 640
CABA - Argentine




Tondello Luciana
Vicerrectora de Investigación y Desarrollo
Dirección de Cooperación Internacional



Key facts
• Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1956
• Administered by a Civil Association since 1975
• Committed to a scientific, humanistic and Christian education

USAL Today

Academic offer
• 200 degree programs (graduate and undergraduate)
• 2455 professors (graduate and undergraduate)
• 530 researchers
• 15 Schools

Student body
• 18000 students
• Over 500 international exchange students per year


• Main location: City of Buenos Aires
• Delegación Pilar (Province of Buenos Aires)
• Gobernador Virasoro (Province of Corrientes)

USAL International
• More than 250 active exchange academic cooperation agreements in all continents
(35 countries).
• Student mobility: short language programs, regular exchange mobility, tailormade
program for partner universities.
• Faculty mobility, international research, development of double degrees,
international joint projects, etc.

Academic matters
• Academic calendar:
1st semester: March-July
2nd semester: July-November

• Academic System:
* 4 / 5 year undergraduate degrees
* International students can choose courses from different Schools.
* Grading system is based on the number system, from 1 to 10. 4 (four) is the
lowest passing grade and 10 (ten) is the highest grade.

• Academic Offer:
- Advertising
- Agronomy
- Art History
- Theatre Arts
- Architecture
- Business Administration
- Communication
- Drama
- Education
- Eastern Studies
- Environmental Sciences
- Graphic Design
- Health Professions
(physical therapy,
occupational therapy,
music therapy, speech
pathology, nutrition,
nursing, dentistry,
diagnostic imagining)
- History
- Human Resources
- Industrial Engineering
- Information systems
- International Relations
- Interpreting/ Translation
- Journalism
- Law
- Literature (Letras)
- Marketing
- Medicine
- Music Therapy
- Nursing
- Philosophy
- Political Science
- Public Relations
- Psychology
- Psychopedagogy
- Set Design
- Social Work
- Sociology
- Spanish
- Sport Sciences and
Physical Education
- Tourism and Hotel
- Veterinary Medicine
- Yoga

Academic options for international students
1) Regular Exchange Semester
2) Intensive Spanish Course (CIE)
3) Academic Offer in English

1) Regular Exchange Semester
• Language requirement: high-intermediate level of Spanish (5 semesters of
university-level Spanish). A B2 considering the Common European Framework.
• Students can apply for 1 or 2 semesters
• Students take courses with local students
• Specially designed courses for international students with no background in
Latin-American, Argentina, Art History, Literature and Politics:
• English courses at different Faculties and Schools
• Spanish as a second language courses(different levels)
* Hispanic and Argentine Art History
* Argentine Literature
* Seminar in Latin America: History, Culture and Thought
* Seminar History, Political Processes and Ideas of Argentina
• Cultural and academic orientation
• Host students’ program

2) Intensive Spanish Course (CIE)
• The Intensive Spanish Course is a program for students who wish to improve
their language skills in a Spanish-speaking country, while learning the history,
literature and culture of Argentina.
• The course totals 100 class hours including:
- Grammar lessons
- Conversation
- Argentine Literature
- Argentine Art and Culture
- Field trips to museums, cinema, theatre, tango shows and typical
“porteño” suburbs
• The CIE is offered twice a year at the beginning of each semester:
- First session: February - March
- Second session: Mid/End of June - end of July

3. Academic offer in English
· School of History, Geography & Tourism
* Geography III: 36 class hours; 3rd Year, Tourism Undergraduate degree Program
* Argentine and Latin America History of Art: 36 class hours. 2nd Year, Art History
Undergraduate degree Program.
* History of American and Argentine Culture: 36 contact hours. 2nd Year, History
Undergraduate Degree Program.
· School of Social Sciences
* Comparative Politics: 54 class hours; 3rd Year, Political Science Undergraduate
* Latin American Political Systems: 54 class hours, 3rd Year International Relations
undergraduate Program.
· School of Education & Social Communication
* Consumer Behavior: 72 class hours. 2nd Year, Advertising Undergraduate degree
* Introduction to Journalism: 72 class hours. 1st Year, Journalism Undergraduate degree
* Introduction to Public Relations: 72 class hours; 1st Year, Public
Relations Undergraduate degree Program.
· School of Business
* Coaching: 54 class Hours. 3rd Year, Human Resources Management Undergraduate
degree Program.
* Accounting: 54 class Hours. 1st Year Business Undergraduate degree Program.

Department of International Cooperation
Tucumán 1699
Telephone.: (+5411) 4372-3016
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook /USALinternacional
Twitter @usaldci
Instagram @usaldci


USAL’s most popular courses among international students
► School of Philosophy and Literature
o Argentine Literature
o Hispanic Literature
o Spanish Language
► School of History, Geography and Tourism
o Argentine History (I, II, II)
o History of United States
o History of the Americas
o Art History of Latin American and Argentina
o Latin American and Argentine Folklore
o American and Argentine History of Art and Culture (I, II, III, IV)
► School of Social Sciences
o International Law and International Organizations
o History of International Relations
o International Politics of Latin America
o Contemporary International Politics
o Latin America’s Political Systems
o Political Systems I, II
o Sociology of cultural and ideological process
► School of Business
o Tactical and Operational Marketing
o Microeconomics
o Macroeconomics
o Strategic Marketing
o Negotiation Techniques
► School of Psychology and Psychopedagogy
o Psychology of Religion
o Psychology of Family
o Basic Processes
o Institutional and Organizational Psychology
o Acting Improvisation (Dramatic Art)
o Clown (Dramatic Art)
o Vocal (Dramatic Art)