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  • Aakash Patil
    Centrale Lille; Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d’Aérotechnique

    French researchers in Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence are among the most cited in the world, and this was my primary reason to choose France for graduate studies. I am an alumnus of the Master's Program in Turbulence, jointly conducted by Centrale Lille and ENSMA, which also provided access to work with the researchers in renowned laboratories like CNRS-LMFL, CNRS-Pprime, and other European organizations. Delving into research on Turbulent Flows, I have continued graduate studies towards a Ph.D. at Mines ParisTech, a part of Paris Sciences & Lettres University. I am affiliated with the CNRS-CEMEF laboratory, where I am working on the intersection of Turbulent Flows and Deep Learning under the mentorship of some of the best minds in my area of interest. So far, it's been a great experience of learning and living in France.

  • Kanchan Chander
    École des Beaux-Arts in Paris

    My scholarship in 1984 really brought a major change in my artwork and the perspective of looking at art and artpracticies. I was mostly doing monochramtic /Black and White works but an year at Ecole Des Beaux Arts and countless trips to Art Musueums brought "colour"and "Liveliness" in my works .It totally changed my viewpoint of perceiving Art.

  • Tarun Keswani
    Institute Pasteur Lille, Centre for Infection and Immunity Lille; Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IPMC), Sophia Antipolis

    I was looking for a Predoctoral fellowship during my Doctoral research in India. In year 2013, CEFIPRA announced first Indo-French Pre-doctoral exchange Program for PhD students from both countries. I started looking for Host labs in France, then I came in contact with Dr. Sylviane Pied who had collaborations (malaria) in India through CEFIPRA, SIGID (DBT-CNRS). But unfortunately I was not selected in the year 2013, but next year (2014) I applied again and got the Prestigious Raman Charpak award 2014. Therefore my Journey to choose France, initially happened due to existing collaborations between France and India(DST, DBT, CNRS, INSERM). I got benefited immensely from various research scholarships. The first one was, Raman Charpak Fellowship 2014 (Dec 2014 to May 2015) where I started loving the French scientific culture and food. I felt huge improvements in my communications skills and thinking ability during my pre doctoral days. Further, I received two Personal Postdoctoral Grants and One Young Scientist award, applied during my initial 6 months stay. In addition I also received Gold Medal from Indian Society for Parasitology, before I was awarded my PhD from India (April 2016). I joined again my host lab Institute Pasteur Lille as a Marie Curie-PRESTIGE postdoctoral fellow in addition to other awards. Those awards helped me to get Senior Postdoctoral researcher position and opportunity to EBOLA vaccines and Immunogenicity (Dr. Fabienne Anjuere). Living in France not only changed my life but also helped me to change others life also. I learned the importance of being lively and focused. Living in France helped me to understand that health is wealth, each and every day in France made me scientifically strong. Though staying in France helped me to travel nearly 25 cities all over Europe. Finally I got the opportunity to work in a reputed institution in New York City due to my stay in French lab at south of France (IPMC, Sophia Antipolis France). My experiences at French Institutions are huge and still I am cherishing those. I am still connected with my French colleagues and we are in verge of publishing several scientific articles. I must say that the experiences I gained due to Indo French scientific collaboration’s helped to nourish my research career

  • Prayag Raj TRIPATHI
    Kedge Business School

    KEDGE BS and France have been a career shaper for me. I would not have got the opportunities elsewhere, I received in France. The inclusive education system, an opportunity to learn about European Business management, chance to learn a new language and integrate with French/European culture, are some of the advantages I consider of studying in France. I strongly recommend Indian students to move out of their comfort zone and take up higher education in France

  • Ankita Bhattacharya
    Sciences PO

    The then mayor of Le Havre and current Prime Minister of France, Edouard Philippe, had said that “You cry when you come to Le Havre, but you cry when you leave too”. I don't remember much crying when I first went to Le Havre, but I do remember how much I did when I left. I risk being commonplace in saying that these were the two most enriching years of my life, but I think that if I was given a chance to go back in time and choose my undergraduate school, I would choose Sciences Po Paris, Le Havre all over again. The curriculum is constructed to give an extraordinarily holistic approach to the social sciences, and I chose the Europe-Asia campus in order to stay closer to my roots, but all Sciences Po Paris campuses are equally unique in terms of the geo-political issues they treat under their wing. It gives you a "sui generis" approach to reflect on and tackle the world's most pressing issues, because Sciences Po Paris crafts tomorrow's leaders out of its students. During my time at Sciences Po, I was exceedingly interested in the intersection of data with politics and governance. I wanted to acquire tools in econometrics in order to conduct quantitative analyses on issues of Public Policy and I chose to do a Master's in Ecometrics and Statistics at the Toulouse School of Economics. (My master's is actually in french but I don't know if I should include that) The faculty is world-class, my classmates are exceedingly intelligent and the curriculum is exceptionally rigourous which really made the experience so academically enriching. Toulouse is one of the largest student cities in France, and also where the HQ of Airbus is located, which means a lot in terms of jobs. I am currently working with EDF as a Data Analyst intern and working in France is an experience in itself ! Studying in France was not just about wine and cheese, although it was a sizable part of it. It is where I built an identity of my own, had an enriching intellectual experience, made the best of my friends, many mistakes but drew bigger lessons. The only regret I have while looking back at my experience is that it was too short

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