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IFA Paris Istanbul

IFA Paris Istanbul Early Bird Rate

Would you like to explore Luxury beyond Fashion? Would you like to gain a 360-degree view of fashion business?

IFA Paris is proud to offer in Istanbul & Paris its most reputable programs:


MBA in Luxury Brand Management

MBA in Fashion Business

Executive Program in Luxury Brand Management

Executive Program in Fashion Business

Bachelor in Fashion Design


The application process for our above IFA Paris Istanbul programs has already started and it’s time for you to decide about your future !


Apply before March 31st and get 10% discount on your total tuition fee


The fees cover the courses, industry visits, guest lecturer speeches, projects and career center services.

Remember that study at a school is not just about the study itself but it is also about the after graduation services and benefits a school can provide to you.


Visit our website to apply directly :


And for further information about our programs, do not hesitate to visit our website or send us an email at [email protected]


Best regards

IFA Paris Istanbul team

Duty Free Stores Ataturk International Airport visit,

Luxury Brand Management MBA students visited Ataturk International Airport Duty Free stores in Istanbul as a part of the Cosmetics & Perfume module.

Luxury Brand Management MBA students visited Ataturk International Airport Duty Free stores in Istanbul as a part of the Cosmetics & Perfume module. The module which aims at giving the students a thorough understanding and knowledge about the key players of the industry, the best practices and the latest trends about the sector. During this field trip our students had the chance to visit all the duty free stores where luxury cosmetics and perfume brands are sold, how each booth or store is designed and decorated to reflect brand identity, how brands communicate their marketing strategies to consumers and how they welcome customers as these stores generate most of the income countrywide. 
Students met with the department managers and asked them questions about their operations to better understand the latest and best practices especially where there is massive consumer traffic and sales volumes are high. The students were informed thoroughly by the department managers about luxury cosmetics and perfumes and how brand representatives are welcoming guests of these special stores since duty free operations represent most of the country sales and income.
Our students will continue to explore different parts of the luxury industry and will continue to visit more companies to witness best practices in the related domains. Apply now to take your place between our international students to master the world of luxury.


Kadir Has Caddesi Cibali
Istanbul - Turquie


Ecoles spécialisées


Senior Operations Manager


Après avoir étendue son influence et réputation en France et en Chine, IFA Paris est désormais présente dans l'une des plus excitante ville, aux croisement des chemins de l'Europe et d'Asie: Istanbul. 


IFA Paris propose les programmes suivants en Turquie: 


Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology (démarrage en septembre 2016)

  • MBA, Luxury Brand Management
  • MBA, Fashion Business
  • Executive MBA, Luxury Brand Management
  • Executive MBA, Fashion Business