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11 veljača 2021

What jobs on the rise?

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LinkedIn published a new annual report on the jobs on the rise in France. Despite the health and social crisis, LinkedIn identified in 2020 no less than 15 employment sectors on the since the pandemic outbreak, and jobs that are still recruiting. 


According to its designers, the insights report published by LinkedIn on jobs on the rise is supposed to “an accurately depict the changing world in which we have been living since the pandemic outbreak”. LinkedIn says that in recall to its primary mission and thanks to this information, recruiters, employers and job seekers “will be able to better prepare for the future, whether by designing a new recruitment strategy or training for a new job”.


Emergence of relatively unskilled trades


Data for France show that three areas of activity are in the lead. They are:

- the health sector (specialised medical or paramedical professions, support staff in medical entities, staff providing assistance to the elderly), but also the “well-being” sector (professions specialising in well-being and health, sports and personal coaches);

- the retail trade, and especially supermarkets, with the development of the drive, but also personnel working in logistics and supply chains;

- early childhood jobs (in 2020, the number of positions filled in the early childhood sector increased by 62% compared to 2019) and certain education jobs (educational advisers);

LinkedIn notes, without any surprise, that “these jobs do not necessarily require long experience or a higher education degree”. And in the particular context of the past year, people who found themselves looking for a job “took the opportunity to jump to another work industry, while others changed jobs out of necessity”. According to the professional network, “salespeople have become nursery assistants, teachers have become life coaches and cashiers have joined the teams of care assistants”!


Other cutting-edge jobs


In addition to these three major sectors that provide employment, LinkedIn sees other opportunities that are also related to the health crisis. Among these are :

- Real estate (activity in this sector has increased by 46% in 2020, probably to acquire “more space” due to the lockdown periods);

- business development was one of the most sought-after sectors in 2020, and is still expanding, necessary to adapt to new means of exchange with customers;

- digital marketing, in relation with the previous industry, illustrating the need for companies to develop their online presence;

- insurance, with an increase of 54%, one of the “highest growth rates in the history of the sector”.

LinkedIn also notes that only two areas seem to have “escaped the crisis”, the engineering industry in particular. According to the professional network, this employment segment has been “growing steadily for several years: 85% of people hired as building engineers have a master’s or doctorate degree”. Finally, the last sector to rise to the top is artificial intelligence and data science. For LinkedIn, with a 40% increase in recruitment in 2020, “there is no doubt that the AI and data science sector will continue to do well in 2021”.


Specific methodology 


In 2021, LinkedIn did not proceed in the same way as in previous years to build its report. Instead of proposing a five-year evolution of the labour market, the professional network preferred to “look at the last 12 months to isolate the changes that have taken place and the cities where jobs are offered”.

Thus, the trades of the future were defined as “the career categories whose recruitment rate has progressed the most over the April-October 2020 period”. A total of 15,000 jobs were tracked to identify the occupations that grew the most from 2019. These positions, LinkedIn says, were then “grouped into careers, with each of these careers encompassing up to 25 positions per category”.


To know moreFull results of the LinkedIn insights on jobs on the rise


Photo credit:  © WrightStudio - Fotolia


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