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French companies in the world

Over 30,000 French companies are implemented on five continents. France is the third global investor, with about 700 foreign investments decisions every year.

International development is at the heart of French companies.

Among the main French companies, those operating internationally have the best results. Big industries like aircraft industry and aerospace industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food industry, construction, fashion or luxury industry drive the French economic development abroad. But French companies are also more and more efficient and innovative in industries like environment protection, energy or NTIC.

Skills and technologies among the most efficient in the world

Many French groups are international leaders. In the energy industry, Total, EDF, GDF Suez and Areva are installed all over the planet, just like Orange or Bouygues in telecoms. The LVMH group, with over 3,000 retail shops in the world, 85,000 employees and about 30 billion euros in turnover, is one of the first international groups in the luxury industry. High-profile brands like L'Oréal in cosmetics, Danone in food industry or Axa in insurance industry are among the 60 first companies of the Interbrand ranking. At last, the French pharmaceutical industry is the first in Europe and 3rd in the world, with over 110,000 collaborators in 100 countries.