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Danone Grammenphone


Mirpur 2
10th floor
Dhaka - Bangladesh



A unique community-based model

:: The mission of Grameen Danone Foods speaks for itself: to reduce poverty by bringing health through food to children using a unique community-based business model.

A joint venture launched by Danone and Grameen (the “Bank of the poor”) in March 2006, Grameen Danone Foods is a business—and as such must turn a profit—but its priorities are reversed.
Grameen Danone Foods has placed social and environmental concerns at the heart of its business model. Although the company has to be profitable – profits from the first plants are needed to finance the construction of new plants – the success of the project will above all be judged on non-financial criteria: the number of direct and indirect jobs created (milk producers, small wholesalers, door to door sellers), improvements to children's health, protection of the environment etc…