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DELF/DALF, French as a professional option

The DELF and DALF degrees, issued by the French Ministry of Education, certify the skills in French language of non-French in a professional environment.


The DELF Pro and DALF are internationally acknowledged degrees that certify your skills in French language in a professional environment. Such degrees guarantee your ability to work in a French-speaking environment.

DELF Pro/DALF, passports of professional French

During your studies in France, you have developed good skills or even an everyday practice of French language. In order to certify your skills and for additional value on your resume, you can take the DELF Pro examination ("Diplôme d’études en langue française à des fins professionnelles", i.e. Diploma in French Language Studies for Professional Purposes) or the DALF examination ("Diplôme approfondi de la langue française", i.e. Diploma in Advanced French). Both certifications are issued by the French Ministry of Education through the "Centre d’études internationales pédagogiques" (CIEP, Centre of Pedagogical Studies), that organises the examination sessions.

For your future employers, the diplomas certify your capacity to interact in a French-speaking professional environment and to manage projects and teams in French. They are valid for life and acknowledged worldwide. Don't wait anymore and join the yearly 400,000 non-French DELF and DALF applicants.


A diploma for each level

The DELF and DALF are issued according to several level defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


DELF Pro may be issued in four diplomas. They guarantee your ability to work in a French-speaking environment.

  • DELF Pro A1: you can join a French-speaking professional environment;
  • DELF Pro A2: you have no particular difficulties to carry out tasks in French;
  • DELF Pro B1: you are able to involve yourself in professional activities in French;
  • DELF Pro B2: you can coordinate professional projects in French.

Two different levels of DALF certify your high skills in French:

  • DALF C1: you are comfortable and can participate in work meetings and spontaneous conversations in French;
  • DALF C2: your skills are so high that you can work in complete autonomy and manage projects at the highest level.

The duration of exams for the various French degrees vary from 1 hour 20 minutes to 4 hours.





What to do to graduate in French

If you are in an internship, working, in a career change or still in training, the DELF and DALF are accessible. No preliminary degree is necessary. You just need to register to the exam of the level that matches your skills. You can take the exams in France on demand of an institution before you join a training, for example, or in another country after your studies in France to guarantee your level to employers.

There are 1,165 examination centres in 174 countries issuing the DELF and DALF. To know the session dates, directly contact one of the centres. To prepare the DELF Pro or DALF, download this note, and for additional information on French degrees and certifications, discover the different ways to test your level of French language.