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Will & Brothers


Bonanjo -10 mètres de Hotel Beau rivage
Douala - Cameroun


Mechanical industry


ELONG William
Directeur général



Will & Brothers is a  cameroonian startup  created in 2015. We work on different fields from technology innovation and cybersecurity to competitive intelligence and  business strategy . The startup is founded by William Ndja Elong, a young cameroonian of 24 years old who has an MBA in Strategy and Competitive Intelligence from the Economic Warfare School of Paris and previous experience with IT and Defense leaders around the world including Thales,Oracle,Nexter etc. We have 3 nationalities and we speak 8 languages.

The objective of the startup was to create a team able to improve life of people in Africa with a new approach to business where intelligence and technology are a key aspect of the top management decision process. We use open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to provide a critical analysis of  reality.

Our technology related activities includes research on cybersecurity tools and risks and accurate solutions. 0 day and forensic solutions  are provided only to government and security agencies. We provide big data visualization and analysis services  for private and public entities.

DRONE AFRICA  is one of our main projects , we are the 1st startup in Cameroon providing services with civil drones. Soon you will be able to download our application on the playstore to have a new look on Africa as you have never seen. This is a Raspberry Pi project powered by Windows 10 IoT , we have the ambition to become one of those technologies leaders in the world. The CEO is part of Windows Developer Program for IoT on Raspberry Pi.

@KemiStore is an online platform allowing people in Cameroon to place orders on online stores around the world with a single copy and paste of the link and receive their product in less than 2 weeks with DHL shipping. The shipping is at the customer charge but we have low prices advantages. Our comission for the service is 15% of the product value.

TEKI VR is our new project! Soon we will launch a new startup and the first one focused only on Virtual Reality.

As a stratup we are currently open to investment ,for details mail us at  [email protected].