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Riju, PhD student in Rennes

17 may 2024 Community
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“Enjoy your stay in France and don’t forget to socialize, make new friends and explore!” Riju Roy Chowdhury, PhD student at IRSET, University of Rennes 1

Beneficiary of the Barrande Fellowship, Riju Roy Chowdhury carried out a three-month research trip in France from October to December 2022. Registered as a PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences at Masaryk University, he worked on advanced 3D in vitro liver models to study the effects of cyanobacterial toxins at the IRSET (Institute of health, environmental and work research) within the University of Rennes 1.


Having found the IRSET laboratory on advice from my Czech supervisors, I looked for funding options to help supporting my mobility to France. The Barrande Fellowship program had many advantages: it was not only a great financial aid but also a big help to make sure my trip in France goes well.


I viewed indeed the Barrande Fellowship as an opportunity to not only make international collaborations but also discover at the same time another country. This trip to France helped my professional and personal growth. I was taught new techniques and skills relevant to my PhD studies, learnt French at a beginner’s level, and had valuable professional interactions. A manuscript written on my PhD work during my stay at IRSET, have been published in a high impact factor journal, Environmental Pollution. It was also a way for me to encounter another interesting work culture in addition to my discovery of the French cuisine, especially Brittany’s crepes and galettes. Rennes’ IRSET currently accommodates more than fifty PhD students which created, according to me, a wonderful working environment.


Before any administrative procedure, I had to find a host laboratory to make my research in. Thanks to my Czech supervisors, I found my host lab IRSET in Rennes, where I conducted my research. Once the laboratory was chosen, I had to identify the principal investigators who became my supervisors in this host laboratory. And finally, once all these steps were behind me, I started looking and applying for funding options and mobility scholarships, in my case the Barrande Fellowship Programme.


As I was a laureate of a French Government Scholarship, Campus France has really helped and accompanied me during the implementation of my stay in France.


Once your application for a Barrande Fellowship is approved, you have the advantage of having people ready to help you focus on your research and enjoy your stay in France. I believe that this stay in France was great chance and added value to my PhD, which was enriched by skills I learnt there.


Now, it is your turn to take this opportunity. Enjoy your stay in France and don’t forget to socialize, make new friends and explore!



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