Born in Berlin in 2012 and organized in 13 European cities, Startup Safari returns in 2019 for its 3rd edition in Paris! Startup SAFARI is the European network of open doors for innovative ecosystems. From March 20 to 23, 2019, 50 startups and accelerators based in Paris will open their doors to show the backstage of their activity and the laboratory of their innovations. "Our mission: connect to innovate" Startup SAFARI Paris is 3 days of open doors for corporates, SMEs, investors but also students, job seekers journalists and other curious, to visit behind the scenes of innovative companies in the French capital. Every day, startups and accelerators that open their doors organize thematic sessions of 60 to 90 minutes in their premises, which allow visitors to plan their visits according to their interest (s): FinTech, Handi Tech , FoodTech, WomenInTech ... They consult and subscribe to these thematic paths thanks to SAFARI AGENDA, and move in Paris at their convenience, meet, interact, learn and work in a network. Tickets for students and job seekers are offered!