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Studying in France: an asset in the labour market

Having studied in France offers many assets in a professional career: quality of teaching, rich culture, open-mindedness, etc. Three Vietnamese alumni talk about their experience.

"The French have a scientific mindset"

"The skills I have gained in France have a direct influence over my professional life. I use French a lot in my work. The French have a scientific mindset. In France, I have discovered the philosophy of Descartes. This way of thinking based on questioning and thinking has helped me a lot in my speciality." Thành (maths teacher in the National University of Education, Hanoi)

"In architecture, France is a crossroad of cultures"

"I graduated in Architecture in Vietnam, and I was trained in a specific sense of aesthetics. My studies in France allowed me to confront my representations with other systems and renew my knowledge and way of thinking. In architecture, France is a crossroad of cultures. Living there forced me to explore new ways. Today, in my professional life, I benefit from a clear asset thanks to my stay in France: I am lucky to continuously work between the two cultures, which boosts my creativity." Phu (representative of a French architectural firm in Vietnam)

"In France, my ideas have become more open and positive"

Ninh (employed at Groupama in risk management and bonus determination): "In France, my ideas have become more open and positive. In the labour market, skill only stands for half of the important knowledge. The other half is made of cultural knowledge and business environment. This environment is not the same in Vietnam, France, the UK or the US. Those who have studied in France speak two languages: French and English. Thus you can access more cultures, which facilitates business."