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Talking about the status of women

Words to let women speak


The International Women's Day occurred on March 8th. This is a good opportunity to assess the status of women in the world. TV5 Monde gives you the keys to talk about it... and help!


Making people laugh to make them thinklogo_terriennes_400

Do you feel outraged when it comes to inequalities between men and women? No surprise there! Find ten scary figures, twisted with humour to better highlight the progress that still has to be made.

Making people laugh to make them think: it's also the intent of cartoonist Plantu. His caricatures condemn with humour the absence of women in the political landscape. You will learn there expression typically macho à la française such as: "Alors, heureuses ?" (So, happy?) 


Transfer new ideas

How to fight against these inequalities? By letting them speak! In this report from 1986, you will find surprising images of a bike trip of women from Burkina Faso. The motto of these 60 Africans: "What men can do, women can do." This unusual initiative is still relevant to help public opinion progress.

In France, the video Femmes mais camionneuses (Women, but truck drivers) reminds us that driving a truck can be done by anyone.


The "Woman", a "product created by civilisation"?

Simone de Beauvoir too had to struggle to make her place in the very masculine world of French intellectuals. If, like her, you think that "women are not a natural creation, but a product manufactured by civilisation", time has come for you to read the founding text "Le Deuxième sexe" (The second sex). Or to listen to what historian Michelle Perrot has to say: in an interview dedicated to differentiated access to knowledge depending on gender, she stresses that "nothing is ever acquired" for women.

In other words, the fight goes on! But this fight is fought with pacifist means. Through two videos on women committed to peace, TV5 Monde lets activists voices: did you know that in 2011, three women have won the Nobel peace prize?

You will find other resources on Terriennes, the website of TV5 Monde dedicated to news on the status of women in the world.