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Qualifications & Content Development Senior
Qualification Development Bank
Emploi, New Cairo (Égypte)
Publiée le 15/03/2022, modifiée le 10/04/2022
Expérimenté (3-10 ans)
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Direction (générale, business unit) / Stratégie
Formation et Enseignement
Description de la société

"we are the sole authorized representative of
City & Guilds in Egypt since 2013 and one of a
total of only seven representatives around
the world has empowered and supported
Qualifications Development Bank's vision and passion to build
the Egyptian workforce. We benefit from City & Guilds' partnership
by being able to grant certifications that are recognized

Description du poste

 Manage the communication & implementation of the qualification development within centers& schools, ensure adherence and alignment. Monitoring and evaluation of the execution & audit, ensure consistent relationships with different professions SMEs.

Qualifications Development
 Research available qualifications and draft the learning outcomes as per City & Guilds standards.
 Coordinate and arrange meetings aim to determine potential SMEs in different professions (master trainers, assessors, trainer) based on set of predetermined criteria and Jobs requirements.
 Conduct jobs analysis with reference to required technical outcomes,
 Arrange and facilitate SMEs committee meetings to develop & validate the learning outcomes, covering all the required aspects as per the Egyptian market need, with respect to City & Guilds standards.
 develop behavioral competencies content and activities to be integrated in the technical curriculum.
 Deliver orientation sessions technical and/or behavioral content& determine the tools& techniques required for appropriate teaching techniques and skills to ensure efficient content delivery as per identified learning outcomes and quality standards of City & Guilds.
 Receive and review feedback form trainers & SMEs to constantly update qualifications and learning outcomes
Content Development:
 Develop and Coordinate with the venders the instructional design framework and lifecycle.
 Follow up on the Instructional design work progress, track the pre-delivery testing process, and recommend changes as per the feedback of the Steering Committee of the project.
 Conduct thorough testing and evaluation of the interim deliverables with relevant stakeholders (trainers and a sample of the target group of learners) to ensure; practicality and functionality of the identified learning objectives.

 Gather and compile theoretical and practical assessments from SMEs and validate that it covers all learning outcomes, and generate relevant assessment versions
 Attend assessments periodically to monitor and evaluate their execution and follow up assessments processes and procedures.
 Analyze the compiled assessment results - periodically - to point out performance gaps and points of improvement (per profession and/or per center).

 Coordinate and Attend trainers' demos with SMEs, identify gaps, and recommend different Continuous Plan Development
 Regularly collect feedback and monitor trainers' performance and follow up on the effectiveness of their CPD plan.
 Regularly Develop updates and improvements to assessment versions based on assessors' feedback, observation and analysis and/or produce new assessment versions based on needs and results analysis.
 Conduct and document audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the technical skills and knowledge being utilized and transferred by teachers/trainers during the training, relative to the qualification learning outcomes.
 Monitor the use of appropriate teaching techniques and skills during the training and the ability to deliver the session effectively.
 Analyze audit reports periodically to identify issues pattern & areas of development.
 Coordinate with external SMEs and internal team all assigned tasks to ensure operations smooth running.
Corporate responsibilities;
 Deliver the assigned strategic initiatives as per the identified project requirements, and supervise team to ensure proper delivery of their assigned initiatives.
 Closely monitor performance of supervised teams, provide constructive feedback, provide support to ensure individual development, and follow up their progress towards achieving development objectives.

Profil recherché

 B. Sc. In Business administration (Professional qualifications) or relevant degree and/or similar certificate.
 Relevant experience in teaching and /or content development qualifications / training environment.
 An understanding of the training environment within the vocational industry.
 An understanding of the requirements of regulatory bodies such as Offqual or QAA
 Excellent command of English and Arabic language C1 (written and spoken ).

 Integrated Learning & Quality Focus
 Communication and Networking
 Planning and Focus on Results
 Adaptability, and Dealing with Ambiguity
 Writing & reporting.
 Researching & analyzing and problem solving
 Challenging and Changing the Status-quo
 Working with people.
 Decision Making.

Qualification Development Bank  
44 Gamal Abdel Naser Axis
44 Gamal Abdel Naser Axis  
Cairo Cairo 

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