France, a country equally renowned for its culture and its world leading research, has never stopped redefining its role at the centre of international research. The country’s research strategy is continuously fine-tuned to address the current scientific challenges and has helped to secure France’s place among the world’s leading powers in research. These qualities have long been attracting international scholars and scientists to France.

France aims to provide an increasingly easier access to its universities and research facilities, and a warm welcome for those who want to share their talents. Mobility grants, partnerships, and international cooperation are just some of the ways of encouraging researchers from abroad.

To help you explore a full range of opportunities that France offers to international researchers, Association Bernard Gregory has teamed up with the French diplomacy network in Northern America to hold a live online event (webinar) called ‘Research Opportunities in France’.

It takes place online and in English on the 19th of May at 6 pm (CET).

By watching this webinar you will learn:

  • What opportunities are there for PhDs in academia and in industry
  • How to find these opportunities
  • What recruiters in academia and industry expect from PhDs in the recruitment process (application, interview, skills, behaviour…)
  • Why companies are recruiting international PhDs


Programme and registration: