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Student Ambassadors, qu'est-ce que c'est ?










Overview of the Program

The aim of the Campus France Australia Student Ambassadors Program is to encourage and enhance student mobility between Australia and France by providing students with access to practical information about living and studying in France, with the added benefit of the Student Ambassador’s first-hand experience. The Program will be conducted through Campus France Australia, with the Student Ambassadors operating as volunteer.

Role of the Student Ambassador

The role of the Student Ambassador is to encourage current or potential students to undertake studies, research or a professional experience in France, in line with the objectives of the Culture, Education and Science and Technology Section of the Embassy of France in Australia and Campus France Australia. This is a volunteer role which will provide the Student Ambassador with invaluable professional and personal development and experience. Specific tasks and expectations of the role will be communicated to the Student Ambassadors by the Embassy.

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