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Tourism in France: international travellers’ satisfaction rise sharply

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On the threshold of major events such as the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games 2024, Atout France, the official agency for French tourism development, assessed the level of satisfaction of international tourists travelling in France. And the study show that France registers a sharp rise of the overall satisfaction index. The study was released at the best time, where trends in international tourism look very promising for France.

The study released by Atout France shows with a satisfaction index of international travellers up by 13 points since 2019, France now reached a level above the European average.

Strong momentum

The quality of experience of tourists travelling in France experiments a sharp rise to reach +8 pts compared to the European average. In detail, Atout France speaks of a “strong momentum”, and analysed the various assets particular to the French offer, the first of which being the quality-price rate index, on the rise compared with 2019 for international clients (+11 pts).

Atout France underlines several additional assets:

  • accommodation are a “source of great satisfaction” for travellers: their overall quality gained +15 pts compared with 2019, above the European average;
  • the food is also acclaimed for its overall diversity and quality;
  • public transports are deemed “rather easily accessed” by foreign clients, with affordable prices (+12 pts compared to European average). France also stands out with the “perception of the quality of road infrastructures” (+13 pts) and parking slots access (+15 pts).
  • the “beauty of landscapes” (+10 pts compared with 2019), the “beauty of beaches” and the “richness of the historical heritage” criteria are also on the rise;

Additional criteria are also taken into account by international clients, such as sustainability needs (+8 pts) or the quality of reception (+9 pts). Also note that intention to revisit is stable, but clearly above the European average.


Positive trends

The contents of the survey are confirmed by the first departure forecasts for the summer holidays from the French ministry of economy, planning on good prospects and a confirmation of the return of international clients.

After a summer 2022 registering good results and a promising start of year 2023, France improved its attractiveness this summer, both for the French and international clients. This return of international clients is a continuation: international tourism revenue rose by 21% over the first four months of the year compared with 2019.

More precisely, the ministry explains that booking rates in hotels in June, July and August 23 registered a +3 pts rise compared with the same period in 2022. This momentum is “also due to the pickup of business tourism, but also the organisation of major sports events such as the Rugby World Cup and dynamic events praised by visitors”. The ministry of economy notes that international clients are generally the same as the year 2022, marked by a record of about 58 billion euros in international tourism revenue. In early 2023, international revenues grew by 21% compared with 2019, a rise due to “American clients (+75%), very dynamic since the reopening of the market in 2022” and to the “strong return of the British (+50%)”.


A long-lasting survey to assess international demand

In terms of foreign clients, Atout France also offers a survey to assess the demand of international travellers, potential tourists in France. This new tool is supposedly built to last, and its first edition was released in June. Atout France said this tool is critical to “analyse the possible behaviours in key markets for France”.

Ten markets were indeed studied in June 2023 (the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the United States, Japan and China). The studies show that:

  • Travel intentions show a high level, reaching 90% for all analysed markets. Chinese travellers are the clients “registering a high level of preference for France”: 64% of the Chinese plan a leisure trip in Europe and choose France, far ahead of other European destinations;
  • Unsurprisingly, the months of July and August account for the majority of travel intentions, and the French coast remains the preferred destination, although this destination is declining, with more urban and mountain holidays being considered. The French regions most frequently considered by international customers are Paris and the Île-de-France and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur regions;
  • commercial accommodation (traditional hotels and furnished rentals) is up significantly, while the main activity considered for leisure trips this summer is “rest, relax and have fun” (whatever the market studied, Atout France points out!) ;
  • finally, as far as spending is concerned, the average is €148 per person per day, but there are variations depending on the market.



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