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World’s best cities ranking: Paris among leader in Europe and the world

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Two new rankings of the 100 best cities in Europe and the world, cities where it is good to live, work and move, have just been released by Resonance Consultancy, an expert in brand strategy and communication. Paris reached the second place of the ranking after London and before Amsterdam, at European level, and before New York at global scale.

Resonance Consultancy defines itself as “a leading consultancy” in tourism, real estate and economic development. And to better “feel the trends of the market”, the consultancy has just released two rankings: the 100 best cities in Europe and the 100 best cities in the world. And France shines in both!


13 French cities in the Europe 100

To build the ranking, experts from Resonance Consultancy have taken into account various factors, such as the quality of urban life, the infrastructures and institutions, cultural life and events, population diversity, prosperity, and the media image and international openness.

In total, 13 French cities are in the ranking of best European cities. In addition to Paris, reaching second place, are Lyon (40th), Marseille (51th), Nice (58th), Bordeaux (61th), Strasbourg (65th), Toulouse (73th), Grenoble (74th), Nantes (80th), Montpellier (85th), Clermont-Ferrand (92th), Lille (93th) and Tours (100th).

Experts from the consultancy explain in the comments detailing the score that Paris succeeded in managing the impacts of the pandemic with urban planningjust in time to welcome the world during the Summer Olympics 2024”. Actions include: speed limit set at 30 km/h implemented in 2021, and development of cycling lanes. As the study reveals, Paris has more assets, such as heritage buildings, monuments and museums, and shopping opportunities.


3 French cities in the World Top 100

A second ranking is also available: the world ranking. In this new Top 100 of “Best Cities” in the world, Paris is also in 2nd place after London and ahead of New York. As in the previous ranking, Lyon and Marseille come at 2nd and 3rd French cities, respectively in 75th and 100th place.

Forward-looking and daring, Lyon is an ancient river city with major projects”. This is how Lyon is defined, celebrated here especially for its numerous sports facilities but also, nevertheless, for the “two Lyon legends” that are the rivers that cross it, the Rhône and the Saône, with the Musée des Confluences, a “strange glittering architecture” built at the very point where the rivers meet.

As for Marseille, it is described asthe oldest city in France”, a city “full of delights” that enjoys an average of “300 days of sunshine every year”. Recalling that Marseille was European Capital of Culture (in 2013), Resonance Consultancy also praises the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, as well as the recently opened replica of the Cosquer Cave (prehistoric cave) in 2022.


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