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Test your level of French language

Certifications for all profiles


Are you trying to give a fresh start to your career? You can have your level of French language (now third business language worldwide) validated. With tests, degrees, certificates, and more, you have several options in France or in your country of origin.


Tests to certify your French level

Several tests allow you to assess your French level. Acknowledged by recruiters, they are valid in all professional domains.

The "Test de connaissance du français" (TCF, for Test of French knowledge) is non-specialised. You can take it in the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP) and it allows to assess you level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from level A1 to C2. It is available in over 600 certified centres throughout the world. The certification it issues is valid for two years.

The Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF, for French Assessment Test) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Île-de-France region (CCIP) assesses the level of knowledge and skills in French. It is offered in about one hundred countries with a network of over 400 certified centres that organise the sessions. The TCF is valid during one year.

Though emails, meetings, phone conference and others, the Test de français international (TFI, for International French Test) certifies the ability of applications to communicate in French in a regular business environment. The test allows to certify your skills up to C1 level. It is organised by the Education Testing Service Global (ETS Global), and may be taken in France or other countries, in ETS centres but also in centres of network partners. Its validity is unlimited.

Degrees adapted to your profile

The French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research also offers internationally recognised French degrees.

You have studied in France but don't have a degree from the French higher education system? The Diplôme d’études en langue française professionnel (DELF Pro, for Professional degree of French Studies) may be interesting for you. This degree assess you skills in communication in all regular professional situations. You may take it in about 1,200 exam centres in 175 countries, and it grants French levels certifications from A1 to B2 level.

"Expert" profiles may directly take the Diplôme approfondi en langue française (DALF, for Improved Degree in French Language), open to applicants with C1 or C2 levels. Unlike the DELF, which offers a version for any audience and a professional version, the DALF is the same for all applicants.

Various Diplômes de français professionnel (DFP, for Degree in Professional French Language) are also available in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris. Medicine, business, administration, science, tourism, hotel management and more... the tests certify your French level in specific professional industries. You may take the tests in over 500 certified centres throughout the world.

A written format asset: the Certification Voltaire

Does your job requires a lot of written communication? Explore the Certification Voltaire. The certification assesses your level of French spelling. With so many solutions, you are ready for your job interview!


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