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Words to save the planet

Words to save the planet


How to fight greenhouse gases? What to do with recycled materials? TV5Monde helps you with exercises to better understand the vocabulary of environment in France!


Mobilise public powers

People from all over the world now realise the necessity of preserving our environment. But the protection of the planet is often contradictory with the short-term interests of specific countries. This is the case of major hydrocarbon producers such as Canada. In order to talk about the innuendoes of energetic models, nothing beats a good exercise, since it allows to learn the vocabulary necessary to talk about politics and environmental issues.

The next step for concerned people is to mobilise public powers. In order to put French words on global warming and its dangers, listen to an interview of Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, the vice-president of the intergovernmental group about environment and climate.

Climate and growth can coexist

Political powers are not the only ones to act. Economic players also have a part to play. Several documentaries are accessible to talk about the notion of "responsible companies". In South Africa, India, Bangladesh and elsewhere, innovative companies strive every day to combine economic growth and respect for the environment. They use the local know-how and materials to develop their offers while restricting their print on the surrounding ecoenvironment.

It is urgent to act

We produce so much waste that plastic continents may appear in oceans. By explaining how this huge piles of bottles, bags and other waste gathered together along the currents, the TV show "Le dessous des cartes" ("What maps hide") gives the vocabulary keys to talk about a concerning environmental problem.

It is urgent to act because every one of us is concerned. To put our heart in it and learn a bit more about the vocabulary of nature, nothing is better than the lyrics full of hope of "l’Hymne de nos campagnes" (literally "The anthem of our countryside") a classic eco-friendly political song by French band Tryo!