Thanks to the MOOC "Ensemble en France" (Together in France), discover everything that makes the charm of the French Republic and its values. The online training is free, with permanent access, and offers an educational course to better understand the republican values of France and to make them your own.

Through a dual approach, both historical and day-to-day, the training presents France as an unusual land forged by battles and traditions, a land to love as much as to understand.


The MOOC is entirely bilingual (French and English), and videos include Arabic subtitles.


How does it work?

The educational plan of Ensemble en France focuses on your reflexion skills through a course designed from experts' interviews, stories from foreign nationals and a section "à la Française" (So French) describing many of our social codes.

You make the choices, and you are completely free! You can register and sneak a film here, complete a quiz there, challenge your skills in an intercultural situation there, and more! You can come back as many times as you want.

Each participant chooses its own pace, whether by short steps or marathons. You see your progress, and your learning efforts are rewarded!


Access to the MOOC:


A free training with permanent access and open to all to understand the French Republic and its values.