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We are living in the age of digital revolution, growing environmental issues, and market globalization. All these changes greatly impact the labor market. With several crucial industries arising to conform to this new era, applicants should look to these industries for dynamic new jobs.


The consulting firm IDC announced that in 2020, the volume of digital data should be at ten times its current level. As such, Big Data specialists are going to become the stars of the labor market. They're commonly referred to as "Chief Data Officers" or "Big Data Architects.” They have many different, extremely valuable skills: they are at simultaneously developers, data analysts and statisticians. They must analyze and be able to clarify visualization masses of various data, whether scientific, social, marketing or financial.

  • Required skills: degree(s) in mathematics (with a statistical application), or other relevant fields; computer programming; ability to conduct data analysis


Market globalization increased the international mobility of a firm and its employees. Global Mobility Managers must follow employees during their stays abroad, whether for a short trip or for a move as an expatriate. They define the general conditions of global mobility in a company as well as their expatriate/foreign reception policies. As such, they are experts in all issues regarding international mobility; namely, law, social protection, and taxation.

  • Required skills: degree(s) in human resources management, international law, or other relevant field; intercultural sensitivity & management; knowledge of domestic & foreign policy; communication skills


The general decrease of public financing in Western economies has boosted the number of non-profit organizations. The financial health of those organizations, then, is often in the hands of donor managers. Acting as a direct liaison with donors, they are essentially financial lobbyists, working for a noble cause. They target potential large donors that support the goals of the association, as well as maintain and expand relationships with existing donors. They also calibrate the level of involvement that donors should have with the organization vis-à-vis how involved the donors would like/are able to be. Their goals are to develop a network of prestigious and dedicated ambassadors, to preserve long-term relations with generous benefactors, and to overall enhance an organization’s fundraising efforts.

  • Required skills: degree in finance, communication, marketing, or other relevant field; ability to conduct financial strategy; knowledge of foreign language(s) recommended


Today, companies must take care of their digital reputation: a social media manager creates and maintains a strategy of online outreach and communication for a company. They create plans for what content to post, compose statistical analyses of online reach to evaluate strategic effectiveness, devise and execute promotional campaigns, and much more.

  • Required skills: degree(s) in marketing, journalism, or other relevant field; ability to conduct digital strategy; analytical skills; social media savvy

Distance Learning Specialist: Education in the Digital Age

In a world where technology is revolutionizing basic tasks and activities, education, too, is taking its digital form. Nowadays courses, and even entire degrees, can be completed online – a new trend that is called “e-learning.” E-learning is especially useful for students who are unable, financially, physically or logistically, to undergo traditional schooling. To design these programs, institutions hire distance learning specialists, who develop curricula, as well as create interactive and effective course platforms. E-learning is not just limited to educational fields, however – corporations also benefit from online course platforms as a way to train employees.

  • Required skills: degree(s) in education or other relevant fields; technological savvy and adaptability; communication skills

Green Building Architect: Revamp Unsustainable Infrastructure

The world is now at a pivotal point where it must rethink its unsustainable and environmentally harmful practices. The “green-collar” industry is an emerging and thriving one, becoming more and more relevant as companies figure out how to make their practices compatible with the earth. Green building architects design buildings that are energy efficient while using sustainable materials and minimizing waste. They take into consideration many different factors, such as local climate, weather patterns, efficient heating/cooling methods, water conservation, and more. This rewarding job has much potential for growth as the world’s need for environmentally-friendly infrastructure amplifies.

  • Required skills: degree(s) in architecture, civil engineering, or other relevant fields; extreme attention to detail; analytical thinking

Photo credit: ©r2hox