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Why invest in France?

investirFrance, a popular destination for investments

France has a solid economy and is a springboard to a large expanding market. There are multiple reasons to invest there: qualified and productive workforce, support to innovation, competitive settlement costs and fiscal scheme, etc.

An efficient economy at the heart of Europe

France is fifth global economy and offers an ideal base towards international markets. The country welcomes 20,000 foreign companies that employ 2 million people. In 2010, investments from abroad accounted for 34 billion dollars. This attractiveness can be explained by the strategic position of France in Europe and its 500 million consumers.

In terms of transports, France has many assets: about one million miles of roads, including about 10,000 in highways, a high speed train network (TGV) that links London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, an efficient network of waterways and international hub airports. Ports in Marseilles and Le Havre are in Europe top 10. Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle is leader in cargo hub in Europe and second in number of travellers.

Invest in a competitive country with innovative talents

Not only France is the first tourist destination in the world, it is also the first European destination for foreign investors in industry. France is a competitive site with settlement and operation costs lower than in Italy or Germany.

French workforce, who benefits from a world-famous higher education system, is qualified and productive. The workforce average cost per capita is lower than in the Netherlands, the United States or Germany.
France is 2nd in Europe and 6th in the world for international patents filing. Its innovative and research capacity completes the key attractive factors of the country.