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Hello Tomorrow Global Summit: epicentre of the deeptech in Paris

30 3月 2023 职业
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The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, major event of the deeptech world for companies, investors, start-ups and students, was held on 9 and 10 March in Paris. The Summit, which was created in 2013, attracts hundreds of tech enthusiasts every year from all over the world to participate in discussions, tutorship sessions, workshops and conferences on deeptech emerging technologies.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is an annual event attracting thousands of participants “at the forefront of new ideas” to discover “the most promising new projects in all industries, from synthetic biology to quantum physics and carbon capture”.

Thanks to its unique environment, this event fosters “collaboration between industry leaders, investors, start-ups, researchers and experts of the deeptech ecosystem from all over the world”.

For the acceleration of deeptechs

A partner of the event, Association Bernard Gregory (ABG), an association focused on the changes trends in occupations and the recruitment of doctorate students and holders in France and abroad, explains that the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit is the result of the termination of the Deep Tech Days.

The event, organised for a week in Paris, includes various actions dedicated to “the celebration and acceleration of innovation in deeptech”, with the creation of connections between key people bringing “solutions, from the lab to the market”.


The 2023 edition includes:


- Presentations by scientists and start-up founders of innovations designed to face “the tech challenges of our times”;

- Round tables, and many exchanges on the ways to “finance the most promising solutions”;

- Debates about the “ethical and social consequences of emerging technologies”.


In concrete terms, the organisers explain that the Hello Tomorrow summit, through the “tailored-made” services it offers, is able to assist companies in identifying “the trends induced by emerging technologies”, their future partnerships and growth opportunities and “new business to seize them”.

Five cutting-edge areas and a hundred exhibitors

“Welcome to the epicentre of deeptech”: this is how the event organisers describe their initiative.

Five cutting-edge fields were highlighted:


- decarbonised manufacturing and building construction;

- energy transition and clean mobility;

- health care and “new frontiers” to explore;

- sustainable food systems;

- scaling all these innovations to achieve “global impact”.


Alongside the debates, 73 deeptech startups were selected to present their solutions in a Deep Tech Exhibition.

Exhibitors from all over the world presented their innovations: advanced computing and electronics, aerospace, digital health and new medical devices, energy, environment, food and agriculture, industrial biotech and other new materials...

Among the exhibitors were also large public and private international groups, represented by industry experts and economic players who, for their part, “exhibited their products and services in the deeptech ecosystem”.

They included L’Oréal, Safran group, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, the CEA (French national commission dedicated to atomic energy and alternative energies), and Institut Télécom Paris, specialised in digital deeptech technologies, close to cutting-edge innovation thanks to “close collaborations with the French Tech ecosystem and a historical proximity with the laboratories of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris”. 

Key figures: a “unique range” of innovators, leaders, investors and experts

All “key stakeholders”, according to the organisers, were represented at the last Hello Tomorrow Global Summit:

- 1,000 industry leaders;

- 1,000 startup founders;

- 300 incubators;

- 300 investors;

- 400 research organisations and/or universities;

- 200 international media.


All sectors represented:

- health (20%);

- biotech (18%);

- mobility (11%);

- agriculture and food (11%);

- energy (11%);

- environment (10%);

- industry (9%).


An international presence:

- 60% of participants from all over Europe;

- 20% from North America;

- 15% from Asia.

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