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Lyon celebrates lights

From December 5th to 8th, over 70 light and sound installations take over the Lyon city centre. For the Festival of lights, facades of buildings light up.

Strolls and light shows

Giant light objects, projections on buildings, multicolour lightings: during three days, Lyon redesigns itself through a layout that plays with light, video and sound. From façades from the most secret gardens, installations from contemporary artists highlight the Lyon heritage.

On the city hall (Hôtel de Ville), projections stress and liven up the architectural lines. The city hall façade lightens up and moves, a wall crumbles: effects are stunning!

Light art also follow the Rhône banks on the water and on bridges.


A tradition born in Lyon in 1852

The Festival of Lights comes from the celebration of the inauguration of the Virgin Mary statue on the Fourvière hill. It was originally planned for September 8th, 1852, but was delayed to December 8th due to adverse weather conditions. On the inauguration day, the story seemed to repeat. But finally, the sky cleared. To celebrate this "miracle", the inhabitants put candles on their windowsill.

This tradition goes on since then. Every year on December 8th, windows are decorated with lampstands, coloured glass holding a candle. In 1999, this day became the Festival of Lights.

It's the perfect opportunity to discover Lyon, a UNESCO world heritage city. The city is also famous for its "traboules" (passageways that link two streets) and its "quenelles" (local dumplings), on the menu of any local "bouchon" (restaurant).


Practical information

Time schedule

•             Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of December: from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am

•             Sunday 7th of December: from 5:30 pm to midnight

•             Monday 8th of December: from 6:00 pm to midnight

From Friday 5th December 2014
to Monday 8th December 2014


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From Friday 5th December 2014
to Monday 8th December 2014
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