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Testimonial: Bruno de Carvalho

Bruno de CarvalhoFrench degree: a passport to go international

Bruno de Carvalho has benefited from an exchange program between France and Brazil in the École Centrale Paris. Thanks to the Eiffel scholarship, he then pursued a post-graduate in the same school. Today, he's S&OP Director at Albéa Tubes Europe.

What do you especially remember from your studies in France?

In addition to the quality of its training, École centrale Paris (ECP) promotes insertion in companies. Many tutors and speakers come from this school. Many teachings are practical case studies. I've had the opportunity to carry out two internships: one in PSA and the other in the packaging department of the Pechiney group, which is now Albéa. In a nutshell, my studies in France gave me a precise knowledge of the industrial world and allowed me to quickly make my way into it. Another significant advantage, the ECP campus sums up about 30% of international students: it's a guarantee of openings towards other cultures.

Have your studies in France been critical for your career?

My professional career started right after my end-of-studies internship: I now work as Sales & Operations Planning Director at Albéa Tubes Europe. This very active company offered nice opportunities and enlightening international experiences. The last few years, I went on missions in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and various European countries.

What does a double culture brings you in your professional life?

Having a double culture goes far more than absorbing two cultures. It brings flexibility and an adaptation capacity that are critical for an international career.