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07 August 2018

Fête de la Science 2018: how to fight prejudice and fake news?

"Putting the scientific process at the heart of societies again". This what Frédérique Vidal, French Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, is determined to achieve, and she has just presented the first draft of the 27th edition of this important event for researchers, scheduled from October 6 to 14 in mainland France and from November 10 to 18 in overseas France. The minister plans to provide a fresh start to the event.

How to fight prejudice and fake news? This is the question that the Fête de la Science will try to answer. Before new societal situations (rise of climate scepticism, challenge of scientific facts, resilience of prejudice, development of fake news), the scientific community wants to develop the critical mind and promote scientific process "to better distinguish knowledge and opinion", says Vidal.

Major objectives of the Fête de la Science

  • raising awareness in the general public about science by putting science at everyone's reach;
  • favouring the sharing of knowledge between researchers and citizens, and particularly the young;
  • arouse scientific callings and value the work of the scientific community.


Program of the Fête de la Science 2018

  • 6,000 free events organised everywhere in France, with 2,500 places for entertainment;
  • creation of 150 villages of science, gathering on the same site (public place, garden, places full of History, and more), areas for meetings, with animations, demonstrations and exhibitions


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> Press release (PDF in French)

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