The FAUBAI is the Brazilian association for international higher education. The conference gathers more than 180 Brazilian representatives of international relations. The aim is to promote international cooperation and exchange to improve the education, research and work of its members.

In 2018, the FAUBAI celebrates 30 years, and is held for its annual conference in Rio de Janeiro, the cidade maravilhosa. A delegation of about 20 French institutions gathered by Campus France came to the conference to improve the existing partnerships and develop common new projects with their Brazilian counterparts.

With more than 100 organisations and partnerships present and over 600 participants, this edition of the FAUBAI will be rich in discussions and is the perfect opportunity for Campus France to present its conclusions after four years into implementing the Science Without Borders program.

The president of the #FAUBAI thanks @BeatriceKhaiat for all the work to improve cooperation between #Brazil and #France for so many years @CampusFrance @franceinbrazil

— Yoann Goodman (@YoannGOODMAN) April 15, 2018

The complete French delegation: READY FOR THE #FAUBAI!! @franceinbrazil @CampusFrance #Brazil #France

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