The France Terre d’Asile association has designed interactive online tools to help foreigners who have just settled in France better understand our country.


ensemble en france


“Ensemble en France” (“Together in France”) is an online and free training course for foreigners who just arrived in France. The course is designed to help understand the French values, but also the habits and customs of the French. The course was designed by the France Terre d’Asile association with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Since its creation about a year ago, Ensemble en France has become a major resources platform by offering: 

  • a free MOOC to understand the French Republic and its values, complete with more than 60 videos subtitled in 10 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Pashto, Farsi, Tamil, Arabic, English and French. The platform now offers learning modules from the FLE course (French as a Foreign Language), a “work” course and a “France Terre d’accueil” (France, a land of welcome) course including foreigners in France in the history of French immigration. 


mooc ensemble en france


  • a blog with short texts in relation with French society to spark discussions in relation of major themes, such as education, the place of women, secularism, freedom of speech, and more. 


blog ensemble en france


  • a guide, SamSam, in French and English, to help foreigners in their practical approach to settle in France: health, work, studies, marriage, transports, and more. 


guide ensemble en france




"Ensemble en France" is a very good tool to prepare before coming to France for your studies. It is designed for people curious about everything, and especially for those who want to come to France.

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