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Ecole Supérieure du Bois

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Rue Christian Pauc
Nantes - France


Engineering schools


The Ecole Supérieure du Bois trains engineers in three years. Teaching is directed toward science and technology of the material along with human relations, management, law, business policies and foreign languages. This training is further reinforced by an 9 month internship either in France or abroad. The Ecole Supérieure du Bois was established in 1934 in Paris. Since 1993 it has been located in a modern setting in Nantes where there are diverse universities and ‘grandes ecoles'. In addition, the school benefits from the area that has the second largest concentration in France of industries dealing with the primary and secondary treatment of wood materials. Today, over 2,500 former engineering students from the school are participating in the expansion and leadership of companies in the wood industry in France and abroad.