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Ecole de Condé

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13, rue Miollis
Paris - France


Art schools


HAGER Lionel


The Ecole de Condé, established in 1989, is a network of private institutions of higher education that provide high-quality education in design, graphic arts, photography, and the conservation and restoration of cultural assets. The school's facilities in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nancy, and Nice offer a work setting that is well suited to the challenges of contemporary creativity: well-equipped labs, proximity to cultural resources, a library and documentation center, student services, and more. The network of the Ecole de Condé also includes IAAD Torino, which makes cross-disciplinarity and mobility a concrete reality and establish the foundations for a European design-education cluster. Tightly integrated into the life of the school, international students are able to choose between participating in programs in taught in French thanks to tailored language-learning support or taking special courses taught in English. The Ecole de Condé offers diplomas accredited by the French government, professional certificates recognized by the French national register of professional certifications, and other degrees specific to the network. International recognition of the school's credentials is assured by accreditation from EABHES, an international higher-education accrediting body.