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EBS European Business school

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37 boulevard Murat
Paris - France


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EBS Paris, a pioneer in the creation of a truly European educational model, operates in 6 large European cities and in partnership with 146 foreign universities. Since 1967 it has prepared international managers in the fields of marketing, commerce, management, finance, communication, and Internet applications. The EBS Paris diploma enjoys the highest level of recognition possible for a 5-year business degree. It is signed by the rector of the educational region (the Paris Academy) and is officially acknowledged to be the equivalent of a national master's degree. In its graduate program, EBS Paris embraces its mission of training future international managers to help companies and organizations grow under conditions of globalization, change, and challenge.

  • International section taught entirely in English The option of completing the entire 5-year program in English, beginning in the first year, is available to French students wishing to learn English and for English-speaking international students. This option offers students the benefits of a completely internationalized program.
  • Semester in Paris Each year, EBS Paris welcomes about 200 students of various nationalities for a semester in Paris. Their presence contributes to the international and intercultural flavor that is so valued by the school. Recruited from other schools in the EBS network, from other schools in Europe (Erasmus program), or from university partners in the Americas, Asia, Africa, or Australia, the visiting students reap the rewards of an international experience.
  • Summer program The EBS summer program, held in May and July, introduces students to the specificities of business culture and practice in Europe, while also enabling them to explore French culture.