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Mod'Spé Paris

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9 rue Bleue
Paris - France


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MOD'SPE Paris, the Institut Supérieur Spécialisé de la Mode, is a school of fashion marketing that offers educational programs ending at years 4 and 5 of postsecondary study. Established in 1993 on the initiative of professionals affiliated with the the French Women's Ready-to-Wear Federation and with public support through the DEFI (the committee for the development and promotion of apparel), MOD'SPE Paris prepares specialists in high-level fashion marketing for careers in firms producing women's, men's, and children's apparel, sportswear, lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes, and luxury products and accessories. A private institution of higher education with nonprofit status, MOD'SPE Paris imparts to the managers it trains the essential values of professionalism, innovation, initiative, and rigorous commitment. MOD'SPE Paris's internship and careers office has close relations with more than 800 firms.