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Ecole d'Ingénieurs du Monde Numérique

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74bis avenue Maurice Thorez
Ivry-sur-Seine - France


Engineering schools


ESIEA Graduate School of Engineering was founded in Paris in 1958. Specialized in digital sciences and technologies, ESIEA trains engineers able to adapt quickly to changing technical environments and work organizations to meet the demands of all sectors of industry where Information Systems and Embedded Systems play a crucial role. ESIEA’s high-level academic program is based upon active learning, project-based pedagogy, training in soft skills and initiation to research. ESIEA’s research activities, present on both campuses, focus on two main themes: Digital Security and Digital Interactions for Health and Disability. In conjunction with the Digital Security laboratory, which works in all domains related to the security of digital systems, ESIEA offers a Specialized Master's program in Security of Information Systems as well as two 6-month programs in Continuing Education: Offensive Security and Reverse Engineering.