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Université Paris-Est (COMUE)

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Cité Descartes - 5 boulevard Descartes Champs-sur-Marne
Marne-la-Vallée - France




DIAGO Sandrine

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Université Paris-Est is a cluster of instittions of higher education and research, known as a PRES. Its legal status under French law is that of a public institution of scientific cooperation, or EPCS. Space for multidisciplinary cooperation The cluster draws its strength from the diversity of its member institutions. Universities, grandes écoles (postsecondary schools of engineering and management), research organizations and laboratories, and a competitiveness cluster come together to create synergies from the convergence of their resources and missions around a common commitment to excellence. Recognized throughout the world, Université Paris-Est brings together in a single setting multidisciplinary research and general, technical, and professional education. 3 main clusters Université Paris-Est consists of scientific clusters around three principal themes of great social and economic importance:

  • Managing urban environments
  • Health and society
  • Imaging and media