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2 rue Péclet
59300 Valenciennes
Valenciennes - France


Art schools


Zielinski Amandine


3 excellent schools specialized in the digital creation, Supinfocom for the animation, Supinfogame for the video game and the ISD for the industrial design chose to become allied to create Rubika. Faithful to its spirit of pioneer, Rubika anticipates the evolution of the professional world of the digital creation and proposes an unpublished educational model the real assets of which are to offer a panel of professionnal trainings within a group opening widely on the current landscape and in future of the digital creation.
These trainings insure top-level education:
A fundamental knowledge base allowing a good adaptation to the current world the provision of successful educational tools, a pedagogy centered on the project and the practice, supervised by professionals in service, an experience of the project management through the teamwork.
It offers evolutionary careers and international outlets. Besides, the Group encourages the mobility of its students on its 2 campus, Valenciennes, and Pune in India and its international partners.