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25, rue Ginoux
Paris - France


Language schools


Manuela Guillem
Responsable Pédagogique



L’Alliance Linguistique et Interculturelle de PARIS (ALIP) is located in the heart of the 15th arrondissement, in a typically Parisian neighborhood and near from the Eiffel Tower.


A pedagogy at the service of student success

The Alip's innovative teaching techniques make it possible to acquire general linguistic, professional and methodological notions through motivating activities. Mini-group projects for an active and autonomous approach to language, oral conversation classes to speak more easily, workshops on cultural, linguistic or specialized topics and a school life punctuated by many convivial events guarantee effective learning!

An educational team guaranteeing student progress

A solid and experienced teaching team composed of teachers who adapt relentlessly to the objectives of the students, while helping to make the work atmosphere convivial and studious at the same time.

A linguistic preparation for Higher Education

Alip, since its creation, is strong of several partnerships with major engineering schools and business schools. It has thus acquired a unique pedagogical and methodological know-how.

  • Progressions designed to prepare students linguistically, methodologically and culturally for their future studies.
  • Professional simulations for a first experiment and to reinforce their skills

A guarantee of quality

Since its inception, Alip has been demanding quality standards. It obtained in September 2016 the Quality Label FLE (LABEL QUALITE FLE) issued by the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education and Communication.