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34-36 Rue du Parc de Clagny
Versailles - France


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Sainte-Marie Nathalie
Manager in charge of promoting Isipca


Isipca is a higher education school owned by the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of PARIS – ILE de France, created in 1970 by Jean-Jacques GUERLAIN .

Undergraduate and postgraduate  courses : 475 apprentices and students, specific vocational training from the industry.

The only school existing in the world that combines teaching in formulation of perfumes, cosmetics and flavours, together with sensory olfactory classes

Human resources :
                               - 40 members of staff
                               - 220 teachers (80 % coming from
                                 the industry)

 Infrastructure :
                               - 3 200 m² of classrooms
                               - 14 laboratories
                               - a 1 hectare campus

3 specialities :

Perfumery products

Cosmetics products

Food flavouring products

An international program:

EFCM - European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master

In partnership with the University of Versailles
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and the University of Padova

A 2 year-international course opened to French
and foreign students

Course entirely delivered in English

A course offering a dual competence : 

Technical and Business Management

Two diplomas delivered:

                                              - EFCM Master

                                               - MBM (Master In Business and Management