The program was rich and especially tailor-made for scholarship holders who recently arrived in France for their studies.

Throughout the afternoon, they met new people and received tips about health insurance, banks, student healthcare mutuals and culture associations. They also met in person their contact at Campus France Agency.


Conseils et aide personnalisée aux étudiants boursiers étrangers à la Journée Portes Ouvertes de Campus France (12 septembre 2018)


The Day had it all: friendliness, exchange, meetings, and more. Everything was organised to help students get to know each other better and make friends just a few days after their arrival in France. 



They participated in a tombola and workshops in small groups: “1 hour to make friends”. They also participated in a debate “Welcome to France, welcome to Europe” as part of the Citizens' Consultations held all over Europe. 



3 laureates of the Make Our Planet Great Again program were also present! Salido is from Mexico, Niranjan from India, and Youssef from Lebanon. All three are in a Master’s course at Polytechnique. Béatrice Khaiat, general Director of Campus France wanted to greet and congratulate them.

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