French president Emmanuel Macron spoke before the members of the French Academy, but also before 300 young to present a "new vision, uninhibited, of Francophonie and multilingualism". 

Here are the main actions taken to defend Francophonie (the French-speaking world as a whole), boost French language and make the language go from 5th to 3rd rank of most spoken languages worldwide

In France

  • as soon as the start of academic year 2017, duplication of first grade classes (CP in French) to improve the conditions of learning of French language as early as possible; 
  • libraries stay open on Sundays and in the evening;
  • increase of allowances granted to refugees in order for them to learn French (400 hours per capita, from 250 now).


  • development of bilingual sections in institutions in countries partner with France; 
  • opening of 10 new Alliances Françaises per year starting in 2019; 
  • creation of regional training centres (particularly in Lebanon and Mexico);
  • doubling of the number of students in French high schools abroad, the "backbone of our education ambition abroad" by 2022. 

International students in France

  • doubling of the number of international students in France, coming from emerging countries;
  • creation of a Maison des Etudiants Francophones (House of French-speaking Students) at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris(150 seats), 
  • design of a comprehensive plan to improve the reception of foreign students in France with the help of Campus France;

"We cannot be such country anymore that imposes an ordeal to international students who want to come to study. France must increase the number of international students on its soil, and the number of students coming from emerging countries must double. Indian, Russian and Chinese students must have the greatest numbers". 

French language on the Internet

  • Massive deployment of a social network for French teachers (175 countries);
  • Creation of the 1st start-ups incubator dedicated to language learning;


  • Organisation of an Assembly for publishing in French as early as summer 2018 in Saint-Malo during the Etonnants Voyageurs festival;
  • Creation of a Cité de la Francophonie in the castle of Cillers-Cotterêts, birth city of author Alexandre Dumas;
  • Installation of the French Institute and the Alliance Française in a single location in Paris.


In late 2017, the Campus France Kantar survey on the image and attractive power of France for international students had stressed the importance of a study stay in France to develop the Francophonie worldwide. 

79% of international students who could not speak French before arriving in France now say they can speak fluently or have a good level at the end of their studies

Back home, after their studies, 72% of them use French as work language and 76% use it in their personal life

65% of international alumni from the French higher education system have personal contacts with France. 40% went back to France since the end of their studies for a personal reason. 

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