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Télécom Paris

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19 place Marguerite Perey
Palaiseau - France


Engineering schools


Allafort Claude
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Graduate Engineering School founded in 1878, Telecom ParisTech is the birthplace of the word “telecommunications”, invented in 1904 by Edouard Estaunié, Director of the School and member of the French Academy.

Telecom ParisTech trains its students to innovate and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in a digital world. Its study programs range from Master of Science in Engineering, Master’s degrees and Doctorates to executive education and attract more than 50% of international students.

All fields of Information and Communication Technologies are covered by Telecom ParisTech teaching and research. The Master of Science in Engineering (“Diplôme d’ingénieur”) is designed to provide students with abilities to work across disciplines and cultures in order to face recent economic challenges, create innovative start-ups and tackle a wide range of social matters.

The School collaborates with other French Engineering Schools and universities to create and teach Master’s Degree programs which draw on high-quality research.

Telecom ParisTech established 6 strategic research lines in order to address the major issues of the digital revolution: Big Data: Data and Knowledge Dynamics, Digital Trust: Security, Reliability & Risks, Very Large Networks and Systems, Design-Interaction-Perception, Modeling for a Digital World, Digital Innovation: Understanding and Doing it.

Telecom ParisTech trains 1500 students. More than 300 start-ups have been created since the Incubator launch in 1999 and more and more students develop innovative products and interact with investors during their studies.

Public School of Engineering under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, Telecom ParisTech is a member of the Institute Mines-Telecom, founding member of the ParisTech network and of Université Paris-Saclay. Telecom ParisTech aims at becoming the School for Digital Innovation of Paris-Saclay, one of the future world innovation clusters.