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Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay


In 2021-2022, ENS Paris-Saclay welcomes more than 350 international students and doctorates from 63 different nationalities. Several events are then organized to develop multicultural exchanges.


Since 2018, international students have participated in the realization of an annual multicultural event supported by the international relations department, ranging from the creation of international recipe books to the publication of a collection of stories and legends.

Each year, the students also meet in December to celebrate the end of the year around a good meal and exchange a few gifts. In January, to celebrate the start of the new year, they meet to taste the traditional galette des rois.

This multicultural aspect, underlined in the criteria of the Bienvenue en France Label obtained with 2 stars in 2020, is an important element of inclusion that the School tends to promote throughout the year by organizing events, whether cultural, sports or festive.

Despite the health restrictions imposed by COVID 19, exchanges were maintained remotely. Thus, 17 students produced in 2021 an international collection of tales and legends

2nd edition of the "Collection of International Stories and Legends"

Each year, the International Relations Department of ENS Paris-Saclay compiles and distributes an international cultural exchange booklet thanks to the contributions of its international students whether they are enrolled in a master's degree, a doctorate, an international exchange or an Erasmus stay. 

  • You will find 15 different nationalities among the 63 nationalities represented at ENS Paris-Saclay.
  • More than 30 stories were collected from the 4 corners of the world, between Algeria, India, Italy and Venezuela.


We warmly thank Yifan, Genxiang, Sieka, Jianhong, Anastasia, Magin Benedict, Kasidapa, Adriana, Hai Linh, Yousra, Qisheng, Francesca, Shikhar, Yi-Hong, Benjamin-Hieu, Naheed et Giann Karlo for their interest and participation. 

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed doing it.
Good reading to all! 

In 2021-2022 ENS Paris-Saclay in the international scope is:
350 international students and doctorates
14% of international students registered at ENS Paris-Saclay
63 nationalities
73 international partners in 38 countries
70 Erasmus partners

An international comeback

Arrived for master's degrees or even a doctorate, the 156 selected international students have met the students from ENS Paris-Saclay on the campus of Cachan.

Students from all five continents


They mainly come from Africa and Asia but all continents are represented under 42 countries overall.

A Colombian student from the Monabiphot master's program 'In France since last year, I have met other students from the Monabiphot program, meet my friend from Vietnam'. This Monabiphot program (Molecular Photonics for Bio and Nanotechnologies) proposed by the Department of Physics is always a keen interest.

An Indian student has known ENS Paris-Saclay thanks to some of his friends, another one is in his second year of PhD in the LSV laboratory in computer sciences (Specification and Verification Lab).

An international opening


All of ENS Paris-Saclay's departments and laboratories host these international students in all the scientific fields proposed in the engineering sciences, the fundamental sciences and the humanities and social sciences.

The majority of students come to pursue their studies at the M2 level (44%) and PhD (35%) in the context of exchange programs, funding programs such as Erasmus, ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship program, Université Paris-Saclay scholarship program or as free movers.

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4 avenue des sciences
Gif-sur-Yvette - France




Stéphan-Evain Catherine
Directrice des relations internationales
Service des Relations Internationales


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ENS Paris-Saclay is the Université Paris-Saclay's rigorously selective graduate school for research and higher education careers, and upholdsthe highest scientific standards. 

As both a school and centre for research, ENS Paris-Saclay is faithful to the Ecoles normales supérieures' tradition of excellence. Through its diploma (4-year degree), it provides "normaliens" with bolstered research-led disciplinary training with an international and multidisciplinary outlook in the fields of fundamental sciences, engineering as well as humanities and social sciences. This education scheme then leads them to a master's degree or doctorate. 

In 2020, ENS Paris-Saclay moved to a new building on the Plateau de Saclay (30km South from Paris) and can more easily benefit from the opportunities provided by the cluster Paris-Saclay and the newly established Université Paris-saclay, from which ENS Paris-Saclay is a component-institution. 

For its first classification, Université Paris-Saclay was ranked 14th in the world in the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), and first in the world in Mathematics as well as 9th in the world in Physics (1st in Europe). 

In short, Université Paris-Saclay ranks among the Top 50 best universities in the world in no less than 25 disciplines.