Students from all five continents


They mainly come from Africa and Asia but all continents are represented under 42 countries overall.

A Colombian student from the Monabiphot master's program 'In France since last year, I have met other students from the Monabiphot program, meet my friend from Vietnam'. This Monabiphot program (Molecular Photonics for Bio and Nanotechnologies) proposed by the Department of Physics is always a keen interest.

An Indian student has known ENS Paris-Saclay thanks to some of his friends, another one is in his second year of PhD in the LSV laboratory in computer sciences (Specification and Verification Lab).

An international opening


All of ENS Paris-Saclay's departments and laboratories host these international students in all the scientific fields proposed in the engineering sciences, the fundamental sciences and the humanities and social sciences.

The majority of students come to pursue their studies at the M2 level (44%) and PhD (35%) in the context of exchange programs, funding programs such as Erasmus, ENS Paris-Saclay international scholarship program, Université Paris-Saclay scholarship program or as free movers.