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A recruiter's point of view

Sylvain PèneInternational profiles: career opportunities are multiplied

Now a 30-years long specialist in recruitment of executives, Sylvain Pène has been director of mobility at LVMH. Today, he works in executive recruitment for the Amrop group. According to him, a mobility experience in France is an undeniable asset in a career.

What kind of asset makes an experience in France for an international student?

From the point of view of the country of origin, studying abroad brings a real open-mindedness. It's an opportunity to be able to speak the language and understand the culture and economic system of the host country. Choosing France means opening to a Cartesian way of thinking, but also to a French touch and a culture that doesn't exist in other countries. Let's not forget that French has been the official diplomatic language for centuries. A foreigner who studies in France will discover the French corporate culture and business "à la française".

How is this experience determining for a career?

Many French companies are world leader in their industry: Total, Air Liquide, Schneider Electric, etc. By choosing France, students have the opportunity to understand how these multinational companies work, and learn their mechanism. Then, they may become collaborators or participate in their international development. Studying in France is also the opportunity to make contacts with young French who will work in these companies and will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Why are students interested in these companies?

When I was in LVMH, we were looking to recruit Chinese, South-Americans… international profiles. They interested us because they would introduce new codes in the group. For recruiters, employing an international student after his studies is a strategic move: the student speaks several languages, masters the codes of both cultures or more, he's gifted with significant adaptation capacities, etc. He can become a very important link in the international development of a company.

What advice would you give to young international graduates in France?

Don't go back to your country yet. After your studies in France, go work in other regions of the world to complete your international experience. Thus, you will stand for a high value profile for companies in France or other countries.