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Why maintain your level of French?

francais2_400Four reasons to maintain your French

In the age of globalization, speaking French is a significant asset. Here are a few good reasons to maintain and improve the linguistic skills you gained during your stay in France.

An international language

With over 200 million French-speakers, French is present on the five continents. It's the official language of more than 32 countries.

An asset to find a job

Speaking the language of the fifth commercial power in the world equals multiplying opportunities to find a job in one of the numerous international French companies.
It's also a mean to access careers in teaching, research and travel.

French is also the second language of international relations. In the UN, UNESCO and NATO, French is both a working and an official language. It's also the language spoken in the cities of the European institutions: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

An elaborate French-speaking media network

On the Web, French is the third most used language after English and German. French-speaking media like TV5, France 24 and Radio France Internationale touch an audience all around the planet.

Discover France and its culture

Novels from Victor Hugo or Marcel Proust, songs by Édith Piaf, films with Alain Delon… learning French allows to enter a large cultural asset.

It's also a mean to discover France, the most visited country in the world, and to travel more easily throughout the French-speaking area ranging from Africa to Switzerland.