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The Repetto Ballet Shoes

The ballet shoe that put world fashion to its feet


The Repetto brand is a success story "à la française". Since its creation, this family business has become an international company. The famous ballet shoe benefits from a prestigious aura everywhere in the world that goes beyond the dance sector.


Rise and fall of a family business

The origin of the ballet shoes comes from Rose Repetto: mother of the dance genius Roland Petit, she created in 1947 a revolutionary ballet shoe to protect the delicate feet of her son.

The brand widened its range: praised by stars such as Brigitte Bardot or Serge Gainsbourg, the brand became the supplier of celebrities from all around the world. But the brand quickly declined after the death of the founder in the 80's.


From ballet shoe to world luxury brandrepetto_400

The arrival of the self-made man Jean-Marc Gaucher in 1999 put Repetto back  on the front scene. The goal of this aficionado of running was to turn the ballet shoe into a luxury brand of worldly ambitions.

He immediately offered a partnership to Japanese stylist Issey Miyake. Repetto thus attained a double objective: beyond the restrictive world of classical ballet, the brand won credibility in the fashion industry. Most of all, the brand conquered the Asian market.

As a result, the most fashionable Hollywood celebrities and supermodels adopted Repetto and the brand came back under the spotlights.


A French success story

Despite this success, the small company that became a multinational has not forgotten its origins. The famous ballet shoe is still manufactured in the village of Saint-Médard-d'Excideuil (Périgord region) by relying on a decades-long know-how: the ballet shoes are manufactured with the "sewn-back" technique, developed by Rose Repetto. The soles are sewn backwards and then turned back. 

Today, Repetto has 60 retail shops in the world. The brand has launched its first collection of ready-made clothes and its own perfume. The insane bet of Jean-Marc Gaucher seems to be won: on its tiptoes, Repetto keeps walking around the world.