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Framatube vs YouTube

French Framasoft against the giant Google


The French network of popular education Framasoft will launch in March 2018 a competitor platform to YouTube. Ain't that a challenge!


Break the hegemony of YouTube for video hosting

The network of popular education Framasoft, initiator of the French free software and launcher of the campaign "Degoogle Internet", is starting a new fight. Next March, it will launch a video hosting platform. The objective: to break the monopoly of YouTube, the giant of the industry created in 2005 and held by Google since 2006. This is not a baptism of fire for Framatube: Framasoft already developed about 20 free software including Framacalc or Framagenda, clear alternatives for online tools developed by Google.


Decentralised platform: the network makes strength

In practical terms, Framatube will take the form of a collaborative and decentralised platform. Several companies and individuals connected in a network will ensure the hosting of videos. As a first step, Framasoft is targeting a use by companies and media. Its goal is to "free Internet users, video makers and hosts without sacrificing the comfort of everyone". Because for Framasoft, YouTube "centralises our video creations to offer our data and our available brain time to global companies". Now that's crystal clear.


Promoting free software for more than fifteen years

A network of popular education created in 2001, Framasoft is a community of volunteers committed in the defence and promotion of free software supported since 2004 by the general interest association of the same name. Its activity has three aspects: the promotion, distribution and development of open source software such as Libre Office; the nurturing of the free culture through availability and sharing of artworks; the offer of free online services such as Framatube.



Every participant in the adventure labels his/her creation or production under the seal of free licence and ensures it becomes part of common goods anybody can access without risking appropriation. The community also provides assistance and advice to new users of free software.