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21 June 2019

Photography exhibition

Yesterday, we were more than 60 people at Campus France! Photography lovers, alumni and international students gathered for the opening of the photo exhibition of Brazilian alumni Ana Godeiro and the launch of the 'Club de l'Image'. 



VERNISSAGE - Photo exhibition of Brazilian alumni Ana Godeiro

Ana loves photography and the diversity of French cities. She developed new skills to better perceive the richness of French landscapes. To thank her host counttry, she decided to start the project "Chère France, je t'embrasse".



Launch of the 'Club de l'Image'

We officially launched the 'Club de l'Image' yesterday and we are really excited! Passionate about photography? Eager to exhibit your work and exchange with other artists? Join the "Club de l'Image" whose goal is to bring together photography lovers! Whether you are beginner or professional, this club is for you!


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